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Inundate your skin with a face mask created to refresh and moisten your skin cells. It’s literally like food for your skin, rich in skin-plumping fatty acids, protective vitamin E and nourishing minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc

CASSAVA: Hydrates, smoothens and brightens complexion

COCONUT: Excellent moisturizing effect on dry skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. The natural fatty acids in coconut milk help treat dry and irritated skin and remove harmful bacteria

HIBISCUS: Not only does this help with age spots, this Hibiscus benefit can encourage an all round fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion. The natural acids present in Hibiscus help to purify your skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover


Full ingredients list:

Cassava Root Powder / Hibiscus Flower powder / Coconut powder / Papaya powder / Marigold flower powder/ Peppermint leaf powder / Kaolin Clay


How do I use it?

In a small bowl, blend 1 heaped tsp Hydrate powder + 1 tsp water. Starting at the centre of your face and working outwards, use a mask brush to apply generously to clean, damp skin.  Leave on for 20 min. Rinse well and follow with your favourite moisturiser, serum or oil. Can be used up to 3X per week.

For oily skin and breakouts: make a thicker paste with less liquid. Add a few drops of turmeric essential oil or vinegar into the mixture to help reduce redness and inflammation. 

For sensitive or thinner skin: mix in more liquid to create a thinner mask. 

For dry skintry adding a few drops of honey or our Restore Elixir into the paste. Stir and apply




WARNING: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have sensitive skin, allergies or any serious medical conditions, do not use these products unless advised by a physician or medical professional that it is safe. A skin patch test is always recommended prior to use.

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