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Hammam @ Home Spa Kit

Hammam @ Home Spa Kit

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Most cultures around the world have used steam and heat for health benefits, enjoyment and sometimes spiritual experiences. The well known Moroccan Hammam has many wonderful properties, and once you try it you may just become a disciple of this ancient practice.

Full contents of the Hammam spa kit:

1 tub Moroccan Black Soap / 1 Bottle Argan Oil blend / 1 Jar Moroccan red Clay blend / 1 Kessa dead skin removal glove


The Hammam is one of the best experiences for your whole body. The benefits are to eliminated dirt and harmful bacteria while relaxing deeply your entire body and mind. The stress and tension accumulated over the weeks can go away quietly and leave the room for the relaxation you deserve.

How does it work:

Turn up the heat! - relax in a warm - hot shower or even better yet, a steam room / sauna. After having some time to acclimatise to the heat and work up a sweat, you will find your pores opening up (this helps draw the impurities out of the skin).

Remove yourself from the warm area and douse yourself in cold-mild water to cleanse the body before you coat yourself in the Moroccan black soap called Savon Noir. This is made of mashed olives and oil, and is applied liberally to your body where it penetrates the pores and exfoliates the skin.

After the Savon Noir has been left to soak for a while you enter the last phase of the Hammam. Take your coarse fabric Kessa glove and scrub your body. And when we say scrub, we mean scrub. Get all of that dead skin off and don’t go easy on it.

After the Savon Noir has been cleaned off your skin will be tingling from head to toe and able to relax for a while. Apply the red clay mask to your face, shoulders, underarms and wherever else you feel needs additional detox love. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse.

Finally, while still damp, apply your Argan oil blend lovingly across your entire body. This gorgeous oil will bring back lush moisture to your skin, leaving you as fresh as a daisy on a summers day! Enjoy.




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